The Attic – Your Island Thrift Store



The Pine Island Attic Thrift store celebrated a one year anniversary in the new location at Doug Taylor Drive this past February. Did you know that Ray West, Manager of the Attic, recorded 4500 volunteer hours in 2015 and 820 hours so far this year? Did you know that the Attic has had 4, 060 customer visits this year! If you’re not one of them, come see what all the excitement is about!


When asked, volunteers will say it’s an opportunity to stay active and give back to the community, to do something worthwhile and stay involved. It’s a place that people connect with people; volunteers to one another, to staff, to customers and have fun and good feelings doing it.

The Attic is only one of the areas at the Beacon of HOPE where you can volunteer and get more back than you give.  

Lucia West, Volunteer

Summer Hours/ Monday – Friday:  9-5


Volunteers: Joan, Monica, Fran, Cathy, Lucia













Shopping at The Attic has become a favorite Pine Island pastime. Not only will you find “wonderful treasures” at ridiculously low prices, you can also take pleasure in knowing that your purchase dollars go to assist your friends and neighbors and their children. It’s a win win!

imageDonating to The Attic is a great way to help support us. Volunteering at the Attic is a great way to give back!

To donate materials for sale in The Attic please drop them off at the Beacon during normal business hours. If you have large items to donate, or a large assortment of items, please call Ray at 239-283-5123 or e-mail: image[email protected] to arrange for a pick-up.

Please note the Beacon does NOT accept the following items: TV’s, monitors, keyboards and printers, car seats, cribs and playpens, appliances or furniture that is rusted, stained or in need of repair, mattresses, box springs or sleeper sofas. Dumping is illegal in the state of Florida. Any donation left other than during business hours is considered illegal dumping. Florida law provides penalties up to $10,000 and one year in jail.