Why Do I Need to Exercise? by Nancy Buthman, APRN

Are you in the same body as when you were 10, or 30, or 50? Of course not, our bodies are always changing – day to day, year to year, our health is either improving or getting worse. The good news is we all can have a big influence on our health – one big way is with exercise. The more we move, the better we feel.

STRESS by Nancy Buthman, APRN

All of us in the Pine Island area have just lived through an incredibly stressful and disruptive disaster. Many are still in the process of rebuilding their homes and their lives. It has been over a year and recovery is still going on
We have all been stressed. The important thing now is to be able to look ahead, to learn to deal with the stress and not allow it to become chronic.

Breast Cancer Awareness by Joyce Kopcik

Did you know that one out of eight women will develop breast cancer sometime during their life?
Why do we care about breast health? Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women; and even though it is less prevalent, men can also develop breast cancer.


How often do you hear about e-cigs or vaping? Quite often I would imagine. Do you know what it is and what it can do to your body especially to adolescents and young adults?

Positive Mental Health

The Beacon of Hope’s Wellness Committee has written a series of articles on common mental health issues we, or our family and friends, may face at some point in our lives. Well, now it’s time to be positive. Getting older can put some strain on our physical health, but it’s less commonly understood that it can also impact mental health. In fact, around 10 to 15% of older people living in the community suffer from anxiety or depression. So, here are some thoughts on things we can all do to keep a good positive attitude for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Remember that what makes us happy will be different for everyone, so we have to find our own path to what is satisfying. Here are some helpful hints…